Studio Technologies launches new Dante intercom kits

Studio Technologies, manufacturer of fiber optic solutions, video and audio of high quality, has announced two new kits intercom party-line (PL) that use networks Dante® Audio-over-IP. These new kits allow customers to buy a product package intercom Studio Technologies at a reduced price. The kit intercom Party-Line 1 (DPL-KIT-01) includes a motor audio intercom Dante model 5421 and four pouches of intercom model 372A. The kit intercom Party-Line 2 (DPL-KIT-02) again includes an audio engine intercom Dante model 5421 but with four pouches of intercom model 373A.
These new offerings enable staff to easily implement an intercom system PL of high-throughput-enabled Dante in transmission facilities, fixed and mobile, post-production houses, environments, theaters, commercial, educational, industrial applications and general entertainment.
“We are pleased to offer our customers a cost-effective means of implementing a small intercom system shared line based on Ethernet,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “When you get in a single box, users can easily implement a system of flexible and high-performance that leverages your existing network infrastructure. These kits can also be an excellent learning tool, providing an excellent way to start the transition to a communications environment based on IP “.
The audio engine intercom Dante model 5421 is a compact unit 1/2 rack that supports 16 channels of receiver (input) and transmit (output) Dante. It only requires a network connection Gigabit Ethernet with capacity of power over Ethernet (PoE) for the operation of the Model 5421. Users can configure the audio engine of 16 channels to provide one-to-four-circuit intercom “virtual”. Unlike the devices of array digital Dante of general use, the model 5421 is optimized for applications intercom, providing multiple bus mix-minus to an audio performance of communications optimum.
The comprehensive ability of automatic mixing of the unit helps to ensure that we maintain an excellent audio quality, something that often does not provide the PL analog conventional. The model 5421 is directly compatible with the full range of pouches, intercoms and products related to the interface of Studio Technologies. As part of the new kits of intercom, the model 5421 can serve as a starting point to achieve the objectives required by many applications.
• Audio engine intercom model 5421 with automatic mixing
A flexible, cost-effective and high performance to create circuits intercom party line (PL).

• Click below to see diagrams of example for a first entry in Audio-over-IP

Kit intercom Party-Line DPL-KIT-01 1 (an audio engine intercom Dante model 5421-and four-fanny packs intercom model 372A)
• Kit intercom Party-Line DPL-KIT-02 2 (an audio engine intercom Dante model 5421 and four pouches of intercom model 373A

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