Eartec UltraLITE ULSR-HD Headset Single Remote


UltraLITE Headset Single Remote HD.
Included in the box

Headset Eartec UltraLITE Single Remote with microphone
Rechargeable lithium battery
Eartec 1 year warranty


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Headset features Eartec UltraLITE Single Remote :

Wireless communication is full-duplex / simultaneous
Ampliable a hasta 5 usuarios sin un HUB.
No se requiere licencia, ni estación base, cables ni petacas
Simple operation: simply turn on the headset and talk
Range of up to 300 meters (line-of-sight outdoor)
Microphone arm
Rotates 270 degrees
Silent automatic
When the microphone is in the upright position
Lightweight and comfortable
Long battery life

Rechargeable lithium battery
The batteries are lightweight. Are loaded in about 3 hours, work for 6 hours and can be changed in seconds. Given that they are lithium-ion, it is not necessary to drain the batteries after each use and never develop a memory.

Note: the units Eartec UltraLITE require a minimum of at least 2 headphones to communicate. A working system requires 1 Master and at least 1 Earphone Remote. Headphones Master and Remote are sold separately. This is a headset with a remote will only work with 1 Master headset. You can use up to 4 headsets remote with 1 handset main Teacher, without the requirement of a HUB.

Technical data

Standard – DECT 6.0 (wireless Telecommunications improved digital)
Frequency: 1920 – 1930 MHz (EE. UU.)
Frequency: 1880 – 1900 MHz (Uk / EU)
Channel bandwidth: 1.728 GHz
Type of modulation: GFSK
Transmission speed: 1.152 Mbps (baud rate)
Duplexado: Duplex, time division (TDD)
Voice coding: ADPCM I 32bit / s
RF Access: multiple access time division (TDMA)
Range: up to 300 m (line of sight)
Headset's power: rechargeable Lithium battery 3.7 W / 800 mAh 3.0 Wh
Charger power supply: Input 110-240Vac Output 5.0 V – 1.1
Charging time: 3 hours
Operation time: up to 6 hours
Storage temperature: -10 C to 60 C


Additional information

Weight 0,15 kg



Systems of wireless communication in full duplex


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