New EVADE intercoms by Eartec

Eartec UltraLITE has swept the industry in production over the last half decade. These compact wireless have provided an intercom wireless, simple, and affordable in a multitude of industries. Now, with the release of the series DISMISSIVE, Eartec is taking our brand to the next level, adding a new class of communications equipment full duplex for the light industry to our affordable line of solutions of a special headset.

The series Evades is a series of innovative wireless headphones that come with a headset and a stylish set of headband together with a collar of luxury. Support the professional communication full duplex for up to nine users without the need of a HUB or base station. Engineers Eartec have also perfected the tone side, and have included a filter for echo cancellation to provide transmission of voice digital great clarity.
All headphones Evades include Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping, a wireless technology used by the u.s. armed forces to ensure that the radio frequency signals are interference-free. At all times, the system monitors the environment and automatically switches to the channels for free when it is necessary.

After more than 24 months of product development, Eartec is very proud to launch the revolutionary system to Lose.

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